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Call for the Immediate Resignation of Scott Pruitt!

Deadline: EOD TODAY 4/16

Current Cosponsors:  Reps. Pallone, Grijalva, Tonko, DeGette, Huffman, Blumenauer, McEachin, Welch, Ray Lujan, Eshoo, McNerney, Matsui, Cardenas, Schakowsky, Kennedy, Loebsack, Peters, Engel, Doyle, Sarbanes, Butterfield, Beyer,
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Dear Colleague,

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt has shown time and time again he puts special interests and polluters over families, our health and our pocketbooks.  Ethics problems garner attention but damage to the air we breathe and water
we drink have higher costs and are more serious.  The EPA was established to enforce environmental protections through monitoring, research, and regulations; yet, as Administrator, Pruitt has abandoned the agency’s commitment to public health and environmental
protection by hiring industry polluters, rolling back environmental safeguards, and putting politics over science.  This brazen attack on clean air and water puts our health and the health of future generations at risk.   

In addition to his abysmal job performance of protecting our water, air and land, he is facing a staggering number of ethics scandals in his role as EPA Administrator.  Most recently, he has come under fire for unreasonable taxpayer-funded travel, renting
a room for just $50 per night in a townhouse linked to a fossil fuel industry lobbying firm, giving unapproved raises to staff, and reassigning or demoting at least five officials last year after they questioned his spending and management. 

In light of these scandals and his utter contempt for human health and the environment, Pruitt is facing mounting pressure to resign.  We must hold Scott Pruitt accountable for this corruption, incompetence and failure to discharge the functions of his office. 
Pruitt cannot be allowed to continue to sell our nation’s clean air and water to the highest bidder because our hardworking constituents deserve an EPA Administrator who works in the public interest, not for the special interest.

Please join me in calling for Scott Pruitt’s immediate resignation as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and calling upon the President to appoint an individual who will be committed to fulfilling the mission of the Agency.  The EPA needs
leadership that is committed to enforcing environmental laws and places the health, safety, and future health of the public above special interest.

If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor this resolution, please contact Mackenzie Landa ( .   Thank you.


Kathy Castor

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