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Join Me in Closing Loopholes in Federal Gun Control Law

Cosponsors (23): Blumenauer, Cartwright, Cicilline, Cohen, Danny K. Davis, Deutch, Evans, Gutiérrez, Hastings, Jayapal, Henry C. “Hank” Johnson Jr., Khanna, Robin L. Kelly, Lowenthal, Meeks, Moore, Norton, Quigley, Raskin,
Schakowsky, Torres, Wasserman Schultz, Frederica Wilson

Dear Colleague:

We have all heard much about the scourge of gun violence plaguing my hometown of Chicago, Illinois.  From news reports to the President’s Twitter feed, there has been a resounding call for action to help quell the violence and bring peace to our streets.

That is why I invite you to join me in cosponsoring
H.R. 810
.  This bill bears the name of two promising young women whose lives were cut short due to gun violence: Hadiya Pendleton and Nyasia Pryear-Yard.  Unfortunately, this problem has become all too common in our country.  My bill would take a significant
step in curbing this epidemic, especially in Chicago where 90% of murders are gun-related.

Gun violence in our cities is exacerbated by the fact that we lack strong federal prohibitions on straw purchases (where a person legally permitted to purchase a firearm does so for one not legally permitted to do so) and firearms trafficking.  In Chicago
in 40% and 60% of cases
, respectively, criminals use these loopholes to access and maliciously use firearms.

My bill directly addresses these problems by specifically prohibiting straw purchases and enacting enhanced sentencing penalties for perpetrators of that crime and for those individuals who illegally transfer firearms when they have a reasonable suspicion
that such weapon will be used in an illegal manner.

Once again, I invite you to join me in this common-sense effort to close these loopholes.  To cosponsor this bill or if you have any questions please contact Ms. Auburn Bell at  To read more about how to solve Chicago’s gun epidemic please see the Chicago Sun-Times op-ed “Silencing
the Guns: How Chicago Can Keep Guns Off the Streets



Bobby L. Rush

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