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Charts and other variations of information graphics have been around for hundreds of years, and are an important tool for making complex information easier to understand. However, not all charts are created equal: they can sometimes be too complicated or
convey false and/or misleading information if not executed correctly.

On April 26, chart lovers will unite to celebrate the first-ever “International Chart Day,” an opportunity for the infographic creating community to engage the public by sharing their favorite examples, further explaining the history and value of
charts, and sharing insight in to how to create high-quality, visually engaging, informative visualizations. Sponsored by Tumblr and the Society for News Design in collaboration with the office of Congressman Mark Takano.

Panels: 10am-2pm in 2045 Rayburn
Featuring award winning Chart makers from the New York Times and Washington Post as well as Chart historians from the University of Miami and the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Will include a step-by-step demonstration of how

this map on ISIS for the Post
was created.

Evening Reception & Exhibit: 5:30pm-7:30pm in the Rayburn Foyer
Featuring a collection of historical and Congressional charts (captured on CSPAN cameras) curated by William Gray of the blog “Floor Charts” and Prof. Michael Stoll of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in

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The goal of the day is to assist the public in becoming better consumers of data, information and news.

To this end we will:

  1. Celebrate charts and infographics of all types;
  2. Help the public understand how to read charts and gain useful insights from them;
  3. Help chart makers of all levels understand the necessary components of a truthful chart;
  4. Encourage the wider usage and adoption of charts;
  5. Combat the spread of fake news by making the public smarter consumers of information.
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