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For too many Americans, interacting with government agencies is a highly bureaucratic experience complete with confusing paperwork, unclear deadlines, missing benefits, and unnecessary penalties. It is unsurprising that in a 2017 Gallup poll, the federal
government received the least positive image of any business or industry sector.

To cite a specific example, one of our constituents recently received a letter from the VA informing him that he needed to send certain records to the VA in order for him to access his benefits. The problem? The VA buried this important action step at the
end of a six-page letter so verbose that even our expert caseworkers couldn’t figure it out.

Unfortunately, we’ve found the lack of clarity related to this process isn’t limited to the VA; they are government-wide.

In the private sector, letters or forms requiring you to take action clearly state what you are required to do at the top of the first page. Letters from the federal government ought to be just as easy to understand.

That is why we are introducing the Too Long; Didn’t Read Act, or the TL;DR Act. This legislation would require all agencies to place any required action items at the top of each communication with a constituent. The clearly marked section must include the
following information:

  • The action item;
  •  If a response is required or optional;
  • The deadline, if applicable;
  • How to complete the action item; and
  • Who to contact if you need more information.

Restoring the American people’s trust in government starts with improving their daily interactions with the agencies that provide them with essential services. The TL;DR Act is a simple step toward this goal.

TL;DR: The federal government sends confusing letters to our constituents. Our bill requires agencies to put action items for constituents on the first page of the correspondence.

For more information or to cosponsor the TL;DR Act, please contact Heather Painter ( in Rep. Moulton’s Office or Mary Doocy ( in Rep Meadows’ office.





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