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Dear Colleague,

Please join us in cosponsoring H.R. 4681, the
No Assistance for Assad Act
, which will be considered under suspension of the rule

The ongoing conflict in Syria has reached epic proportions with over 500,000 Syrians dead, including more than 50,000 children. The Syrian regime has spent the last seven years murdering its people, destroying civilian infrastructure, and driving people
from their homes with indiscriminate bombings. For these reasons, we worked together to draft and introduce the No Assistance for Assad Act, which would place conditions on American non-humanitarian assistance in Syrian territories controlled by the Assad
regime. By limiting reconstruction assistance in areas controlled by the Syrian regime or their allies, we would be sending a strong message that the American people will not support efforts to legitimize or bolster the Assad regime.

If you would like to co-sponsor or have any questions, please contact Sebastian De Luca ( in Congressman Kinzinger’s office or Mira Resnick (
at the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Democratic Staff. 



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