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We invite you to join with us and cosponsor H.R. 5317. This bipartisan bill serves to repeal the prohibition on the construction and operation of distilleries on Indian lands that remains on the books from an 1834 law. The 1834 law in question, codified
at 25 U.S.C. § 251, was enacted at a time when the Federal government took a more paternalistic stance in engaging the Indian tribes and while many of its provisions have since been repealed, the distillery provision remains.


This originally came to our attention when the Chehalis Tribe from our district began the permitting process for a new economic development project to be constructed on reservation land, which includes the construction and operation of a distillery. Though
the project has been initiated by the tribe, they intend to open job opportunities to the entire community – tribal and non-tribal. Through the process, the Bureau of Indian Affairs raised the issue of the 1834 law with the Tribe as being an impediment to
their plans and suggested they move the project off Indian land or seek a legislative remedy. Looking to encourage tribal sovereignty and economic development, we are putting this bill forward to repeal the original prohibition. To cosponsor H.R. 5317 or for
further questions, please contact Morgan Large at or (202)225-3536.




Jaime Herrrera Beutler

Member of Congress

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