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Dear Colleague:

We invite you to be an original cosponsor of
H Res 849
, a resolution expressing the sense of the House that the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) should be reestablished.

For more than two decades the OTA provided relevant, unbiased technical and scientific assessments for Members of Congress and staff. The OTA is still authorized, but the office was defunded in 1995, stripping Congress of a valuable resource that understood
both emerging technologies as well as the intricacies of the legislative process and the needs of policy makers.

In its absence, the need for the OTA has only grown. Twenty years later, many of the topics OTA studied are still relevant today, whether it be a study on the rise of antibiotic-resistant
bacteria or testing in America’s schools. Now, the OTA could help Congress face new issues like strengthening cybersecurity or understanding the policy implications of artificial intelligence.

Funding the OTA is a wise investment for the future. In the last year it operated, the total budget for the OTA was $23 million, but the sound policy advice that the OTA generated saved taxpayers billions of dollars by identifying cost-effective
areas for future investment, and avoiding spending on technologies and policies that did not and could not work.

As technology continues to advance and budgets continue to shrink, this kind of trustworthy, non-partisan analysis is just as necessary today as when the OTA was founded 46 years ago. Restoring the OTA will better prepare Congress to account for emerging
technologies in the legislative process and allow us to make informed policy decisions that benefit our constituents and the nation.

We hope you will join us in supporting the restoration of the OTA. For more information, or to sign on, please contact Yasmeen Hussain with Rep. Foster at or x53515 or Amanda
Eaton with Rep. Takano at or x52305.


Bill Foster                       Mark Takano                                                              
Member of Congress      Member of Congress  

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