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Dear Colleague,

I invite you to join me as a cosponsor to the Korean War Combat Veterans Congressional Gold Medal Act.  This bill would honor combat veterans who served in the Korean War with a Congressional Gold Medal in recognition of their dedication to service in the
interest of world peace and security. 

The Korean War was the first major conflict that the United States contributed troops to enforce a United Nations Security Council Resolution.  During the period of active combat from June 25, 1950 through July 27, 1953, over 36,000 service members lost
their lives and over 103,000 were injured.  Despite such sacrifices, the Korean War has often been overshadowed by World War II and the Vietnam War. 

Approximately 1,280,000 veterans who served during the period of the Korean War are alive today.  While a formal end to the conflict has yet to occur, these veterans’ service and their contributions to world peace should not be forgotten.  Let us remember
and honor those that served, never forget the United States’ “forgotten war” on the Korean peninsula, and continue to hope for a peaceful ending to the Korean War.

If you would like to be a cosponsor or if you have any questions, please contact Robert Zane in my office at



Colleen Hanabusa

Member of Congress

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