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We are writing to ask for your support for the Peer-Reviewed Orthopaedic Research Program (PRORP) in the FY 2019 Defense Appropriations bill.  Peer-reviewed orthopaedic research has been authorized in the past and has received funding in previous Defense
Appropriations legislation as well as supplemental appropriations. This program has become critical to the treatment of our wounded servicemen and servicewomen returning from the battlefield.  In addition to the important research funded directly by PRORP,
we are also seeking continued funding for an overarching consortium that coordinates with all research programs currently focused on extremity war injuries. Such a consortium—which was initially established with Department of Defense dollars in FY 2009–ensures
that patients are place in the right program, are not being used for multiple studies unnecessarily, and acts as a continued funding source in case one program loses funding. Therefore, increasing program funding is essential to fulfilling the debt of gratitude
we owe to those who protect our freedom.

As you may know, extremity injuries are the number one battlefield injury, accounting for approximately 82 percent of war injuries sustained during the ongoing Global War on Terror, often resulting in severe and multiple injuries to the arms and legs.  Most
of these wounds are caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs), rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), and high-velocity gunshot wounds.  Unfortunately, amputation following these kinds of battlefield injuries occurs at twice the rate of past wars.

A U.S. Army analysis of soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan shows that extremity injuries account for the greatest proportion of medical resource utilization and causes the greatest number of disabled soldiers.  In fact, soldiers with extremity injuries
had the longest average inpatient stays and accounted for 65 percent of total inpatient resource utilization. In addition, it is projected that they will account for 69 percent of warriors who are deemed medically unfit to return to duty.  Exclusive of any
short or long-term medical costs, the projected disability cost for extremity injuries sustained in these conflicts to date is approximately $1.2 billion.

It is extremely important for us to preserve research funding for this research, which aims to assist those who have made tremendous sacrifices while defending our great country. We are requesting your support in our effort to increase funding for FY 2019
to $45 million to ensure that this essential research can continue. To join the letter below to the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, please contact Cassie Roper at, Matt Lee at, Bryan McVae at, or Shannon Feitz at The deadline to sign on to this letter is
COB on March 15, 2018..





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