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H.R. 4669


Dear Colleague,


Please help our bipartisan effort to avoid a constitutional crisis by protecting Special Counsel Meuller from being inappropriately removed from office.

The bipartisan Special Counsel Integrity Act (H.R. 4669) would prohibit the removal of a special counsel without cause, such as misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or other good cause, including violation of Department of Justice
policies.  The legislation would also allow a special counsel who has been removed to seek judicial review of such removal.

President Trump has made his opposition to Special Counsel Meuller’s investigation abundantly clear.  According to press reports the President

has already previously attempted to remove Mr. Meuller from his post.

The threat is real.

I urge you to help protect our Constitution and the rule of law by signing a discharge petition to bring the Special Counsel Integrity Act to the floor for a vote.

The petition will be available for signature on the House Floor at the Clerk’s desk while the House is in session.

If you have questions, contact Matt Weisman at
or 5-3265.

Thank you for your consideration.





Steve Cohen

Member of Congress

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