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Dear Colleague,

We are all deeply concerned about our veterans and servicemembers receiving the support and care needed at veterans’ and military hospitals around this country. The Fisher House Foundation is one important resource that helps provide this support for our
current military personnel and veterans undergoing treatment—a vital part of ensuring quality care is to support family members who are critical to that care and recovery. Please join us in supporting increased funding for the Fisher House Foundation in the
FY 2019 Defense Appropriations bill.

For veterans and families who must travel great distances, Fisher Houses serve as a home away from home. These facilities are built and donated to the U.S. government near Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals where families
of veterans and servicemembers can stay for no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. In addition to providing cost-free housing and select transportation for families, the Foundation also operates the Hero Miles program, Hotels for Heroes program,
and grant and scholarship funds for military charities and families. 

Currently, there are 76 Fisher Houses in operation, with many more under construction or in the planning stages, and new locations are being designated by the VA as priority sites for future Fisher Houses nationwide. These homes are making a tremendous difference
and we should expand upon their success by providing additional resources.

Supporting increased funding for the program will help reach more families by ensuring more of these houses can be built in the communities that need them. Our servicemembers and veterans have made endless sacrifices for our country, and we should do everything
we can to remove obstacles for families being with their loved ones during medical treatment. Increased funding for Fisher House is a worthy investment in our servicemembers’ and veterans’ health and wellbeing.

To sign on, please contact Kevin Rambosk ( in Rep. Dingell’s office at 5-5664, Samantha Price (
in Rep. Delaney’s office at 5-2721, Zach Gates ( in Rep. Wagner’s office at 5-1621or Raymond Celeste (
in Rep. Jones’ office at 5-3415.





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March 16, 2018
The Honorable Kay Granger
House Committee on Appropriations
Subcommittee on Defense
H-305 U.S. Capitol
Washington, D.C. 20515
The Honorable Pete Visclosky
Ranking Member
House Committee on Appropriations
Subcommittee on Defense
1016 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Dear Chairman Granger and Ranking Member Visclosky:

            As you consider the Fiscal Year 2019 Department of Defense Appropriations bill, we write to express our support for increased funding for the Fisher House Foundation. Since 1991, Fisher House has provided an important resource for our military and
veterans’ families, offering free lodging for families of patients receiving care at VA and military medical centers.  Each Fisher House gives military families a temporary place to stay and peace of mind in knowing that expenses will not prevent them from
being with their loved ones during medical treatment, allowing families to focus on what’s important—the healing process.  On any given night, up to 1,000 families call Fisher House a home away from home.

            The Fisher House Foundation is a not-for-profit that builds quality facilities and donates them to the U.S. government. There are currently 76 Fisher Houses in operation, with many more under construction or in the planning stages and new locations
are being designated by Department of Veterans Affairs as a priority site for future Fisher Houses. Having served over 335,000 families, the Fisher House Foundation has provided servicemembers and their loved ones with more that $407 million in estimated out-of-pocket
savings on lodging and transportation.  An increase in funds would allow more Fisher Houses to be constructed, providing thousands of more military families with this critical service.

            We understand that the Committee has many competing priorities during this appropriations cycle.  However, we believe that caring for the families of our servicemembers and veterans should remain a top priority again this fiscal year. As an organization,
the Fisher House Foundation leadership has continued excel in its mission while proving it is a fiscally responsible investment, receiving a four out of four stars rating for 14 consecutive years from Charity Navigator, holds an A+ rating from Charity Watch,
and was awarded the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence.

            Our military and veterans’ families deserve our continued support, and therefore, we ask that the committee consider increasing the annual appropriation for the Fisher House Foundation. Thank you in advance for considering this request and for your
support of all those serving and our veterans.












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