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Join Letter to Make Scott Pruitt Release Confidential Identities of Fracking Chemicals

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Dear Colleague,

We hope you will join us in asking EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to release the identities of all the new chemicals it has approved, despite concerns about human health, for use in oil and gas drilling as well as hydraulic fracturing. First responders and
communities around the country are being put at a risk of exposure from unknown chemicals every day in areas near oil and gas wells, in part because the EPA has not released the identities of these chemicals. A FOIA request submitted by the Partnership for
Policy Integrity revealed that from 2003 to 2014 the EPA approved 41 new chemicals for hydraulic fracturing and oil and gas drilling, even though the agency’s own scientists had serious health concerns about these chemicals. State and Tribal officials, first
responders, medical professionals, and the public have the right to know what chemicals are in the environment and drinking water.

When a spill or a leak occurs, first responders don’t know what contaminants they are dealing with and need to contain. When an individual exposed to an oil or gas leak seeks treatment, medical professionals don’t know what chemicals they may have been exposed
to, preventing effective treatment. And when residents complain about contaminated water, State, Local, and Tribal officials do not know what chemicals to test for or remove from the water to make it safe to drink and bathe in. Although the Toxic Substances
Control Act (TSCA) permits disclosure to first responders, medical professionals, and government officials, it usually takes the EPA days or weeks to release the information about which chemicals they may have been exposed to, putting our communities at risk.

TSCA permits disclosure of confidential chemical information when exposure to the chemical poses an unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment.  The EPA has not disclosed the identities of the new chemicals it approved in order to protect the
privacy of the companies that are manufacturing these chemicals. However, with dozens of fracking spills and leaks every year, it is unreasonable to continue to keep these chemicals secret, which exposes our families and communities to harm. Asking EPA Administrator
Scott Pruitt to release the information that identifies these chemicals will allow our State and Tribal officials, first responders, and medical professionals to perform their jobs and keep our communities safe.

For more information, or to cosign this letter, please contact Erin Dykstra (, 5-5546) or Elizabeth Smith (,




Matt Cartwright

Member of Congress