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Sign Letter Urging No Public Funding for the Retirement Benefits of Members of Congress if they are Convicted of a Felony

Deadline: COB March 14

Current signatories: Yoho, RosenDeSaulnier, Sinema, Hice, Gohmert,
Gottheimer, Peters

Dear Colleague,

We hope you will join me in our letter to the Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee urging the inclusion of language in the FY19 Legislative Branch Appropriations bill that prohibits public funds for the retirement benefits of a Member of Congress
who is convicted of a felony. If a soldier is dishonorably discharged, he loses his military benefits. Surely we should not hold Members of Congress to a lower standard. If you would like to sign this letter, please contact Mark Pieschel in Rep. Yoho’s office
at or Grant Dubler in Rep. Rosen’s office at Thank you for your consideration of this request.



Ted S. Yoho, D.V.M                                                  Jacky Rosen

Member of Congress                                                Member of Congress


Letter Text:

Dear Chairman Yoder and Ranking Member Ryan:

As you begin work on the FY2019 Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, we write to express strong support for the inclusion of bill language that will remove the publicly funded portion of retirement benefits for Members of Congress who are convicted of
a felony. Such language will be similar to that which is contained in a piece of bipartisan legislation titled H.R. 291, the TRUST Act.

We feel that, since serving our constituents is a sacred duty, and because actions by every member of this legislature should reflect the best this country has to offer, Congress must champion responsible governance. Those who tarnish the public trust should
receive no additional public benefit by virtue of their office. As representatives of the people, let us hold ourselves to a standard worthy of those whom we serve.

According to Gallup polling, Congressional approval ratings linger at 15%, with disapproval at 81%. Those extremely high unfavorable numbers are largely due to the severe distrust American have in Congress. In turn, that distrust stems in large part from
the belief that members of Congress are not held to the same ethical standards as average Americans, which in many cases is an accurate statement. Simply put, if members of our military who have bravely served this nation and at times risk their lives are
required to forfeit their retirement upon a dishonorable discharge, then certainly Members of Congress should be required to forfeit their retirement upon being convicted of a felony.

Therefore, we ask that the following language be included within the FY 2019 Legislative Branch Appropriations Act:

Sec.__. (a) None of the funds made available by this Act may be used for a government contribution for the retirement benefits of any Member of Congress who has been convicted of a felony under the laws of a State or the United States.

(b) In this section—

           (1) The term “Member of Congress” includes a Delegate or Resident Commissioner to the Congress; and

(2) The term “State” means each of the several states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, and the Virgin Islands.

We ask that you stand with the American people in holding Members of Congress to the same standards as the Americans they represent. Thank you for your consideration of our request.



Ted S. Yoho, D.V.M.                                        Jacky Rosen

Member of Congress                                       Member of Congress

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