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Sign-On to Support Continued Funding for the National Estuary Program (NEP)

From: The Honorable Frank A. LoBiondo, the Honorable Rick Larsen, the Honorable Bill Posey, and the Honorable Suzanne Bonamici

March __, 2018

Dear Colleague:

We are writing to ask you to join us in expressing support for the National Estuary Program, a time-tested, non-regulatory program that utilizes a consensus-building process to identify goals, objectives, and actions that reflect local environmental and
economic priorities.

Congress unanimously approved legislation in 2016, now signed into law, which directs more funding to each of the 28 NEPs in the nation, and creates a competitive program to address urgent challenges in our estuaries.  The legislation would maintain historic
levels of overall funding of the program by capping administrative costs at EPA at five percent.

We are asking the Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies to continue to invest directly in the stewardship of our nation’s coasts by ensuring that each of the 28 NEPs receives funding of at least $650,000 in FY 2019.

To demonstrate support for the National Estuary Program and the critical work they are accomplishing in coastal communities across the nation, please contact Fred Sottnick (LoBiondo);  Alexandra Menardy (Larsen), Valentina Valenta (Posey), or Maxine Sugarman (Bonamici) to sign the letter below. 
The deadline to sign is COB March 13, 2018.



Frank A. LoBiondo                                        Rick Larsen

Member of Congress                                     Member of Congress


Bill Posey                                                        Suzanne Bonamici

Member of Congress                                       Member of Congress

Dear Chairman Calvert and Ranking Member McCollum:

We are writing to thank you for your past support of the National Estuary Program (NEP), and ask you to continue to invest directly in the stewardship of our nation’s coasts by maintain historic levels of funding for the NEP, while ensuring that each of
the 28 NEPs in the field receives funding of $650,000 in FY 2019.

As you know important reforms were made to the National Estuary Program in the recent reauthorization (S.1523) that was signed into law in the last Congress.  These reforms would create a competitive program to address urgent challenges and maximize funds
received by our national estuaries, while streamlining the administrative costs of the program.

Of all federally funded coastal programs, only NEPs organize local stakeholders as partners in a

unique decision-making framework to fund local priorities. NEPs provide technical, management, and communication assistance to develop priorities and implement comprehensive actions: storm water and infrastructure projects, seagrass and shellfish restoration
which support fishing and tourist industries, science and monitoring to guide decision-making, and innovative education programs designed for the next generation of Americans.

NEPs: Public-Private Partners

NEPs engage industries, businesses, and other community members to develop solutions for

tough problems. The NEP’s public-private partnerships stretch federal dollars to provide successful on-the-ground results driven by diverse stakeholders. NEP partners include commercial agriculture and fisheries, energy and water utilities, local restaurants
& tourist businesses, construction and landscaping professionals, engineering and mining companies, state and local governments, colleges and universities, and other community organizations.


The NEP consists of 28 unique, voluntary programs established by the Clean Water

Act to protect and improve estuaries of national significance. Each NEP engages its local community in a non-regulatory, consensus-driven, and science-based process. For every dollar EPA provides, NEPs leverage $19 in local funds to protect and improve coastal
environments, communities and economies.


We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you to ensure that as you undertake work on the FY 2019 appropriations measure, it reflects the recent reauthorization by allocating at least $650,000 to each NEP, funds the newly authorized competitive
program at approximately $1.5 million, consistent with funding levels in the House approved appropriations bill for FY 2019, and consistent with the direction of Public Law 114-162.

 Thank you for your strong support of this program over the years, and for considering our request.


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