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Support H.R. 3564 – the Security Clearance Review Act

Cosponsors: Beyer, Lofgren, Cohen, Payne, Johnson (GA), Torres, McCollum, Lieu, Raskin, Welch, Cicilline, Shea-Porter, Rice (NY), Evans, Blumenauer, Napolitano, Boyle, Wasserman Schultz, Jayapal, McGovern, Jackson Lee, Gallego

Dear Colleague:

As we have learned over the past week, White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter had an interim security clearance, allowing him to access sensitive national security-related information, although Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly

did not grant Porter a permanent clearance because he was aware of the allegations of Porter’s domestic violence.
 Over a year into the Administration, Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner also maintains an interim security clearance, despite his
extensive, originally undisclosed, foreign contacts and dealings. And, according to the Washington Post, “dozens” of additional White House employees are awaiting permanent clearances, but have interim access to classified materials.

Chief of Staff John Kelly had even been told that the FBI would recommend denying a number of these aides full clearances

In light of the alarming news coming out of the White House over the past few days, I again encourage you to cosponsor legislation to authorize the FBI Director to revoke the security clearance of an employee of the Executive Office of the President if the
Director determines revocation is necessary to protect national security interests.

The FBI is responsible for conducting the necessary background investigations, but does not grant, deny, or otherwise adjudicate security clearances for employees of the Office of the President. The authority to deny or revoke an employee’s security clearance
lies with the president—and the president alone.

Reports alleging mishandling of classified information and lack of candor during the background investigation process have plagued many high-level administration officials throughout the Trump Administration: General Michael Flynn was reluctantly fired for
lying about foreign contacts; Attorney General Jeff Sessions misled the Senate Judiciary Committee about contacts with the Russian ambassador; and the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has shown a long pattern of dishonesty, failing to include the names
of over 100 foreign officials on his SF-86 application for a security clearance, including several Kremlin-connected Russians.

Under the current system, the president is the ultimate authority on its clearance review process—but it has become clear that this president prioritizes his personal and political agenda over the safeguarding of our national security. It is therefore time
to shift the authority over the security clearance process into the hands of an independent body, the FBI.

Please join me and cosponsor H.R. 3564, The Security Clearance Review Act, which would do just this. For more information or to cosponsor, please contact Lauren Sarkesian at or (202)226-0055.


Don Beyer

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