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Support the Global Response to HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria in FY19

This is a Programmatic Request:  Members will be required to submit online requests

Deadline: COB Monday, March 12

To sign on, please fill out THIS FORM.


FY19 Current Signers: Lee, Ros-LehtinenTsongas, Connolly, Payne, Jr., Norton, Cohen, Lipinski, Danny K. Davis, Hastings, Lawson, Capuano, Fitzpatrick, Moore, Gallego, McGovern, Ellison, Sablan, Frankel, Frederica
Wilson, Castor, Loebsack, DeFazio, McEachin, Al Green, Cicilline

FY18 Signers (144): Lee, Ros-LehtinenMoore, Ellison, Hastings, Pocan, Pingree, DeLauro, Vela,
Donovan, Bass, Doggett, Robin Kelly, Clarke, Larsen, Lewis, Cicilline, Mike Thompson, McGovern, David Scott, Waters, Danny K. Davis, Soto, Sarbanes, Slaughter, Delaney, Keating, Shea-Porter, Brownley, Connolly, Lynch, Foster, Norcross, Nadler, Beyer,
Sires, Bonamici, Lacy Clay, Takano, DelBene, Quigley, Grijalva, Yarmuth, Frankel, DeSaulnier, Castor, Gallego, Loebsack, Engel, Swalwell, Matsui, Eshoo, Heck, DeFazio, Carson, A. Smith, Pascrell, Jr., DeGette, Lofgren, Himes, H. Johnson, Payne, Jr., Deutch,
Conyers, Jr., Chu, Kennedy, III, Watson Coleman, Meeks, Rush, Schneider, S. Davis, Beatty, Cleaver, Norton, Cohen,
C. Smith, Schakowsky, Luján, Higgins, Brady, O’Rourke, Maloney, Vargas, Castro,
Bost, Velázquez, Welch, Levin, Barragán, Sablan, Cummings, Boyle, E.B. Johnson, Ruppersberger, Jackson Lee,
Sessions, Veasey, Ruiz, Etsy, Torres, Speier, Crowley, Peters, Young, McEachin, Kildee, Gabbard, Bobby Scott, Tsongas, Brown, Lipinski,
Comstock, Roybal-Allard, Schiff, Evans, Sánchez, Jayapal, Polis, Reichert, F. Wilson, Butterfield, A. Adams, Larson, Capuano, Sewell, Blumenauer, Sinema, Fudge, Dingell, Hanabusa, Khanna, Bera, Pallone, Jr., Al Green, Suozzi,
Curbelo, Lance, Richmond, Kuster, Lujan Grisham, Plaskett, Roskam,
Wasserman Schultz, Huffman


Dear Colleague:

As the Co-Chairs of the bipartisan Congressional HIV/AIDS Caucus, we urge you to join us in requesting a continuation of robust funding for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria
in the Fiscal Year 2019 State, Foreign Operations, and Related Agencies (SFOPs) Appropriations bill. The United States’ historically bipartisan commitment to PEPFAR and the Global Fund not only saves lives, but also contributes directly to stability, security
and economic growth worldwide.

With our combined efforts through PEPFAR, more than 13.3 million people, including 1 million children, around the world are receiving life-saving antiretroviral treatment. In addition, the Global Fund is on track to save 36 million people from AIDS, tuberculosis,
and malaria by the end of 2019. Our strong support for PEPFAR and the Global Fund, coupled with scientific advances and lessons learned throughout the years, has the potential to turn the tide on HIV/AIDS. Every day we are closer to achieving an AIDS-free
generation and containing the spread of tuberculosis and malaria, two of the world’s most deadly infectious diseases.

This commitment will enable PEPFAR and the Global Fund to continue its critical, life-saving work.  For every $1 invested by the United States, these organizations leverage $2 from other partners. This international approach has decreased the burden on the
American taxpayer and has empowered more partners to join the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. Continued support for PEPFAR, the Global Fund, and bilateral Tuberculosis control efforts will also enhance American leadership in the world and increase
progress in combating these global epidemics.

To sign on, please fill out
If you have any questions, please contact M.A. Keifer (Rep. Lee) at or Henry Yaniz (Rep. Ros-Lehtinen) at



BARBARA LEE                                                                    ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN

Member of Congress                                                              Member of Congress



Dear Chairman Rogers and Ranking Member Lowey:

As you consider the Fiscal Year 2019 State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations bill, we write to request a continuation of critical and timely support for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the Global Fund to
Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund). Your past leadership has been instrumental in guaranteeing that these programs are robustly funded. We look to you again this year as PEPFAR and the Global Fund work in collaboration towards accelerating
the end of these diseases.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the PEPFAR program, a milestone deserving of celebration and renewed bipartisan commitment. U.S. leadership, through PEPFAR, bilateral partnerships, and with multilateral investments in the Global Fund,
has been transformative in fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic. PEPFAR has supported life-saving antiretroviral treatments for more than 13.3 million men, women and children—a more than fivefold increase since the beginning of 2009. Since the program’s inception,
nearly 2 million HIV-free babies have been born to HIV-infected mothers through PEPFAR-supported initiatives. These investments and efforts have also enabled countries to better the overall health of their citizens. For example, during the Ebola outbreak in
West Africa countries supported by PEPFAR were better prepared to respond to the deadly disease.

The Global Fund has also continued to scale-up its HIV/AIDS programs. As of mid-2016, initiatives financed by the Global Fund have supported treatment for 11 million people living with HIV/AIDS. The Global Fund is better positioned than ever to help accelerate
progress on HIV/AIDS, as well as contain tuberculosis and malaria. Historically, for every $1 invested by the United States, $2 has been committed by other governments around the world, and additional resources are contributed by private sector partners. Such
a return on investment guarantees that we present a truly international front in the fight against these diseases of poverty and that the burden of responding to these diseases is not shouldered by American taxpayers alone.

Continued U.S. leadership in and support for strategic partnerships with developing countries to control tuberculosis is essential. Tuberculosis has now become the most deadly infectious disease globally and is responsible for infecting over 10 million people
a year. These efforts serve to promote global health and development goals that empower countries to build their own programs to support the societal needs of their people and build more stable communities, while also enhancing economic and diplomatic partnerships
with the United States.

The research and development work on an AIDS vaccine continues to yield important scientific breakthroughs.  The work being done in the United States has positioned our nation as the global leader in this field and moved us closer to a long awaited cure.
We ask that you continue our national commitment to these efforts in Fiscal Year 2019 and beyond.

Thank you for your consideration of our request and for your ongoing leadership in fighting global HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria around the world. We are on track to achieve an AIDS-free generation and we count on your support to build on our success. 


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