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The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 1.7 million Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis this year and approximately 609,640 people will die from this devastating disease.  We invite you to help in our efforts to stop this staggering trend
by joining the bi-partisan Congressional Cancer Prevention Caucus and co-sponsoring our resolution which expresses support for designating February 4, 2018, as National Cancer Prevention Day.

Over the past 40 years, billions have been spent in the fight against cancer.  However, only a small portion of that funding goes toward cancer prevention and control, while the majority is allocated to research and treatment.  As Co-Chairs of the Cancer
Prevention Caucus, we believe that educating the public about ways to prevent cancer from developing in the first place is the key to lessening the overall incidence of cancer and alleviating the impacts of this disease on our families, friends, and communities.

The Cancer Prevention Caucus provides a bipartisan forum to engage Members of Congress, their staff, the medical community, and the public on certain lifestyle and environmental factors that can improve public health and help prevent cancer before it starts.
Additionally, we aim to promote and support legislation focusing on issues such as diet and exercise, protective vaccinations, education about the risks of tobacco and alcohol, among many others.  Members of the caucus will also have the opportunity to voice
their concerns and talk about their own ideas for expanding education and improving public awareness about best practices for cancer prevention.

The fight against cancer is one of the most critical challenges we face today.  As Members of Congress, it is our duty to take part in that fight by providing the public with the necessary information to make educated and healthy lifestyle choices.  We urge
you to join us in that fight and bring an end to the heartbreaking effects of this widespread disease by joining the bipartisan Congressional Cancer Prevention Caucus.  Each year, on or around National Cancer Prevention Day (which is February 4th
this year), we convene a session that brings together national experts and Members of Congress to discuss the latest in cancer prevention efforts.  This year, the session will on
Tuesday, February 6, 2018 in 2103 Rayburn at 10:00 am.  Staff are welcome.

We hope you will join us in co-sponsoring this important resolution and in joining the Caucus.  Please contact Peter Chandler at or at 202-225-4071 to join the caucus or co-sponsor the resolution.



Debbie Dingell                                                                                                                           Barbara Comstock

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