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Dear Colleague,

The debate over what Congress should do to protect Dreamers has been complex and contentious. Despite overwhelming public opinion in support of a clean DREAM Act, the Republican Majority seems unwilling to resolve the issue easily.

As negotiations continue, it is important to appreciate everything that is at stake. The White House framework and many legislative proposals would have serious consequences for our legal immigration system. Republicans are using our steadfast support for
DREAMers as leverage in an attempt to make radical changes to our legal family reunification and diversity visa lottery systems.

We must not forgo decades of legal immigration policy that reunites families and makes our country stronger to resolve a problem of President Trump’s making. I want to share with you a
NPR story about the 1965 law that changed the face of our country, an
interview with Senator Kennedy, who helped steer it, and a Wall Street Journal

that provides the context for what is currently being debated.

I believe this information is critical to appreciating the historical significance of the immigration debate. For more information please contact Chay Halbert in my office at or call 52305.



Mark Takano

Member of Congress

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