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Please join me as a cosponsor of H.R. 3639, the Science Laureates of the United States Act

Senate companion sponsor: Senator Mazie Hirono

Endorsed by Research!America, Council on Undergraduate Research, American Institute of Biological Sciences, American Geophysical Union,  American Mathematical Society, American Chemical Society.

Dear Colleague,

Please join me as a cosponsor of H.R. 3639, the Science Laureates of the United States Act.  With the ever increasing importance of science and technological knowledge for the United States’ competitive edge in the modern world, America
needs a clear voice to elevate, articulate, and promote science to the broader public.

America has a poet laureate who writes poetry and promotes literature as a national figure. We also have a Surgeon General who can speak to the nation on health care.  We have awards for scientists, such as the National Medal of Science, but these are for
past accomplishments and do not include any expectation of outreach and engagement. Modern scientists from Albert Einstein to Jane Goodall have proven if they are given a platform to speak from they can capture public attention and inspire Americans.

The Science Laureates of the United States Act will establish the position of Science Laureate, both as an award for an exceptional scientist, and a pedestal from which he or she could speak to the nation as a credible independent, nonpartisan
public advocate on the importance of Science broadly and the scientific issues of the day. Explaining how physics undergirds air travel and maps the universe; how biology develops, cures, and allows our food production; or how mathematics informs every scientific
breakthrough and directly advances our daily lives.

This honorary position will be appointed by the National Science Foundation from nominees recommended by the National Academy of Science to serve for a one year term.

For more information or to add your name as a cosponsor please contact Angela Ebiner at


Zoe Lofgren

Member of Congress

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