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Current cosponsors: Knight (CA), Eshoo (CA), Esty (CT), MacArthur (NJ), Kuster (NH), Bilirakis (FL), Ryan (OH), Tenney (NY)
Endorsing groups: Not One More (our local task force), The Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO), Faces and Voices of Recovery

Dear Colleague,

We invite you to become a cosponsor of H.R. 5100, the Recovery Home Certification Act, legislation that would criminalize patient brokering and promote national standards in an industry within the addiction healthcare system that is rife with fraud,
profiteering, and substandard care.

The heroin and opioid epidemic now sends over 2 million people in search of addiction and substance abuse treatment each year, fueling a $35 billion industry of which large parts fall into a regulatory gap. Investigative reports across the country have shed
light on how enormous profits from billing insurance companies have attracted bad actors without the right skills or motivations to move into the recovery industry.[1] These facilities can make millions of dollars
by keeping patients in an endless churn of treatment and recovery services.

While good models of recovery homes do exist and some currently participate in third-party licensing programs, those efforts are voluntary and place no restrictions on those who aggressively recruit recovering addicts to facilities run by bad actors, many
of whom are recovering addicts themselves. This bill seeks to address a number of concerns raised by recent investigations conducted by the House Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee into patient brokering and these abusive billing

The Recovery Home Certification Act directs the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to develop model criteria for sober home certification that states can use as a basis for their own regulatory regimes and provides
seed funding to put those rules into practice. It also instructs the Director of SAMHSA to offer recommendations on proper relationships between actors along the treatment and recovery pipeline to ensure smooth patient handoffs. The bill also criminalizes
body brokering to cut off the profit motive for feeding patients into substandard facilities

The Recovery Home Certification Act was introduced on February 27th. If you are interested in cosponsoring this legislation, or have any questions about its content, please contact Adam Brooks (Knight) at or Rachel Fybel (Eshoo) at


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