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The D’ARC Act

“Demand the End of Assault in Refugee Camps Act”

Cosponsors: Adam Smith, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Steve Cohen

Dear Colleague,

Please join me as a cosponsor of H.R. 4950 the D’ARC Act – “Demand the End of Assault in Refugee Camps.” The D’ARC Act amends the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 to codify the inclusion of information about instances of sexual assault in refugee camps into
the Annual Human Rights Report.

News accounts often focus on conflict and civil unrest, but frequently overlooked are refugee camps and the untold instances of sexual assault.  Refugee camps are overcrowded and sometimes not much safer than the perils left behind. Women and children, comprising
80% of the world’s refugees, must fend for themselves to survive. Women turn to prostitution as a last resort to pay for their escape to a refugee camp.

According to the Harvard Political Review, accurate statistics are unfortunately unavailable because women are afraid to come forward. But there are personal accounts. One volunteer coordinator at a large camp stated that: “although showers are meant to
be locked at night, particularly dangerous individuals in the camp have keys and are able to take the women to the showers in the night to force themselves on them.” An unaccompanied female refugee stated that smugglers see women and children as easy targets
for rape. Such is the reality of a world that some of us here in the United States can barely imagine. Gynaecology sans Frontieres (Gynecologists Without Borders) treat rape victims, boys and girls as young as seven or eight, whose mothers are too afraid and
in shock to report the atrocities to authorities.

The D’ARC Act will save lives by shedding light on the problem of sexual assault of women and children in refugee camps, providing for a safer space for some of the most vulnerable in the world. To become a cosponsor of this bill, or if you have questions,
please contact Isabela Belchior at
or 5-3816.

Very truly yours,

Sheila Jackson Lee

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