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In recent years we have seen communities battered by extreme weather, including storm surge, heavy downpours, and tropical storms. In 2016, the President issued 46 major disaster declarations in 27 States for events ranging from the effects of Hurricane
Matthew on the East Coast, to severe flooding in Kentucky and Louisiana, to wildfires in Tennessee. These catastrophes strain the ability of local authorities to effectively respond and despite advances in disaster preparedness, many communities remain vulnerable
to catastrophic events.

The Building Up Infrastructure to Limit Disasters through (BUILD) Resilience Act would authorize a competitive grant program to allow communities to invest in resilient strategies and better withstand and recover from natural disasters. Modeled off of the
National Disaster Resilience Competition run by the Department of Housing and Urban Development following Hurricane Sandy, this bill would give cities, states, and localities the incentive to proactively plan to make smart investments and build resilience
in their communities.

The BUILD Resilience Act would also create a National Research Center for Resilience to conduct research on what is working best to increase resilience and reduce the effects of catastrophic events while providing assistance to cities, states, and localities,
even those not awarded grants, in implementing strategies to remain flexible in the face of stresses and shocks facing their communities.

The NDRC was oversubscribed by 7-to-1, indicating a need for significant additional federal investment in local efforts to improve resilience and a community’s ability to withstand disasters in the future.

While recurrent flooding and extreme weather threaten my District, the BUILD Resilience Act would allow communities facing a wide array of threats, such as inland flooding, wildfires, and earthquakes, to better prepare themselves to respond to these pressures.
The need for additional resources is clear, and now is the time to invest in our communities to ensure that they are able to continue to thrive.

To cosponsor the BUILD Resilience Act, or for more information, please contact Paige Schwartz at



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