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February 23, 2018


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Commemorating Black History Month


Dear Colleague:

I would like to invite you to become an original co-sponsor of my resolution commemorating this annual celebration. As you know, Black History Month is celebrated each year in the United States during the month of February. This
month-long celebration is a time when all Americans of every race and ethnicity are given the opportunity to study the untold and “under told” history of African Americans and their contributions to American society and human civilization.

Black History Month was originally established as Negro History Week in 1926 by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, an African American author and scholar. Dr. Woodson established the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History in 1915
and worked tirelessly to highlight the contribution of African Americans to our nation’s history. He chose the second week of February for Negro History Week because it marks the birthdays of two men who greatly influenced the African American population,
Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

This year’s theme, “African Americans in Times of War,” commemorates the centennial of the end of the First World War in 1918 while exploring the complex meaning and implications of this international struggle. This resolution primarily
focuses on African Americans in the military and their significant role in times of war from the colonial period forward. Despite racial segregation and discrimination, African Americans have upheld the noble ideals upon which the United States was founded
on and courageously fought for the rights and freedom of all Americans.

Black history is American history. Please help us recognize the great contributions of all Americans by joining us in commemorating Black History Month.
To become an original co-sponsor, please contact Keenan Hale in Congressman Al Green’s at 5-7508 or





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