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Dear Colleague,

The United States has the opportunity to improve the lives of its citizens and create millions of jobs by making the robust, public investments in our infrastructure. There are examples all around the country of infrastructure that is crumbling and needs
to be rebuilt, whether it is our highways, bridges, transit, airports, high-speed rail, waterways, ports, public schools or harbors. We also need serious investment in drinking water and wastewater systems, as well as energy and telecommunication projects.
By broadening the scope of investments, we can address every facet of Americans’ lives.

In order to address our infrastructure problem in a comprehensive way, we cannot settle for less than the following core principles. Please find my vision for infrastructure in this country below:

A Vision for the Future on Infrastructure

Prepared by the office of Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro

The United States has the opportunity to improve the lives of its citizens and strengthen our economy and our country by making the necessary improvements to our nation’s infrastructure. In the process of achieving these goals, we are going to put millions
of Americans to work while improving the functioning and safety of the United States economy.

In the next 10 years, the United States could have:

  1. Structurally sound and up-to-date roads and bridges.
  2. Access to clean, safe drinking water in every community.
  3. High-speed and affordable broadband available to every household.
  4. Alternative modes of transportation accessible to every American in every part of the country, including High Speed Rail.
  5. Affordable and reliable power in every home and public school.

To achieve this vision, the federal government must:

  1. Support Robust Investment: According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, we need to invest $4.69 trillion in our nation’s infrastructure by 2025 to bring our national infrastructure up to state of good repair.  We need
    a robust investment to exceed that amount in order to not only fix our current infrastructure state, but to invest in new projects to bring our infrastructure system into the 21st century.
  2. Include Adequate Public Investment: Privatization alone will let down the millions of Americans who depend on our infrastructure each and every day. For example, according to a report from the Congressional Budget Office, in the
    last 25 years, there have been 36 privately financed road projects; of the 14 that have been completed, three declared bankruptcy and one needed a public buyout. We cannot succeed without public investment.
  3. Expand Beyond Surface Transportation: In addition to transportation projects such as highways, bridges, transit, airports high speed rail, waterways, ports, public schools and harbors, we need a serious investment in drinking water
    and wastewater systems, energy and telecommunication projects to address every facet of Americans lives.
  4. Ensure Workers Rights: Employee protection provisions such as strong wage requirements are critical to creating good paying jobs and ensuring we do not displace current workers.  Any investment should protect the collective bargaining
    rights and job status of the people who are employed in this field. 
  5. Include Buy-American Requirements: Buy America provisions must be included to ensure we have the greatest multiplier in terms of jobs created in the United States, and the use of American made products must be a priority.
  6. Include a National Infrastructure Development Bank: To help supplement other federal infrastructure programs, we should create and fund a public bank to leverage public and private dollars for meritorious infrastructure projects
    of national or regional significance.

Suggested Pay-Fors: Equalize tax rates of offshore and onshore income; Equalize capital gains rate with ordinary income rates; Raise top income rates by 1 percentage point; Restore the estate tax to Clinton-era levels; Implement a carbon
tax; Implement a financial transaction tax.





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