Sending Office: Honorable Jackie Speier
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Dear Colleague:

I urge you to join us in writing to Secretary of Defense James Mattis to express concern over details of sensitive DoD facilities publicly available from users of FitBits and other “smart” technology.  The recent

Washington Post article
indicates that locations, routes, and other information can be gained by analyzing FitBit data of military personnel, presenting serious operational security concerns that could be exploited by our adversaries. Though this technology
can be valuable to keep our military personnel connected, it also could pose significant risk. This letter requests details on the Defense Department review of smart technology policies, details on any previous red cell testing or known compromises, and planned
mitigation efforts.

If you have any questions regarding the letter, or if you would like to sign on, please contact Richard Wozniak at 202-225-3531 or by close of business today.



Jackie Speier

Seth Moulton