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Dear Colleague:

Over the next year, Americans will seek to understand how changes to the tax code affect their bottom line. Change, even positive change, can cause uncertainty, and unfortunately some people in politics and the media are exploiting this uncertainty with
misinformation and fear-mongering. I believe we can and should overcome this.

In order to help people understand what the new tax code means for them, I would invite you to join me in introducing the Transparency for Taxpayers Act in the House of Representatives. This bill directs the IRS to make an online tool available to individual
filers by April 1, 2018 that will enable people to see the impact of the new law at the same time that they file their taxes under the current code.  

Here’s how it would work; an individual (not corporate) taxpayer would prepare their 2017 taxes as usual, but would also be able to reenter key data into the IRS tool and see an estimate of what their tax burden
would have been had the new law been in effect in 2017.     

If you would like to cosponsor please contact Jeff Brabant of my office at
or at (202) 225-4765.



Tom MacArthur

Member of Congress

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