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We invite you to take a stand in defense of whales worldwide, and cosponsor H. Res. 244.  Our bipartisan resolution urges the United States to continue to be a global leader
in whale conservation and protection, calls on Japan to cease its commercial whaling programs, promotes international efforts to conserve and protect the world’s whales, and opposes commercial whaling worldwide.

To cosponsor, contact Heather Ham-Warren, Legislative Director for Congressman Matt Gaetz, at

Some background information is below.

History of Anti-Whaling Efforts

  • In 1982, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) established a moratorium on commercial whaling.
  • The moratorium has a loophole: member nations may offer whale-hunting permits for scientific research.

Japan’s “Scientific Research”: Dubious at Best

  • Japan has issued whale-hunting permits since 1986, claiming lethal hunting is necessary for research — yet experts have agreed that most research on whales does not need to be lethal.
  • Japan kills hundreds of whales yearly — more than 300 whales in 2017 alone, and over 800 in 2009.
  • Despite killing over 3,600 whales, Japan has only published two scientific papers on whales since 2005, according to the International Court of Justice.
  • Australian Attorney-General George Brandis said that “The Australian government does not consider that Japan’s whaling program is for the purposes of scientific research.”
  • Japan justifies its huge quotas of whales by claiming whale meat is a popular Japanese food.
  • According to a 2012 study conducted by the International Foundation for Animal Welfare, however, more than 88% of the Japanese public said they had not purchased whale meat in the past year.
  • The majority of whale meat brought in every year does not sell; it is simply kept in warehouse freezers.

Recent Horrors

  • In June, Japan passed a new whaling law, which claims that whaling is a “national responsibility” of the Japanese government.
  • The law reaffirms the Japanese government’s commitment to whaling: it provides funding to repair and refurbish whaling vessels, and effectively sanctions state-sponsored commercial whaling.
  • H. Res. 244 urges the United States to remain the global leader in whale conservation, and calls on Japan to end its cruel and unnecessary state-sponsored whaling program.
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