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Dear Colleague: 

With just a few hours left until the funding deadline, Congress once again is facing the possibility of a government shutdown tonight. For this reason, I invite you to cosponsor my bill, the Government Shutdown Prevention Act (H.R. 2221). 

For too long, Congress has been governing from one funding crisis to the next, perpetually working against the clock to avoid a government shutdown. Under the current budget process, Congress regrettably has only completed the regular appropriations process
only four times. Each time Congress fails to complete the regular appropriations process, it is forced to pass a continuing resolution (CR), or leave parts of the federal government unfunded. This is no way for Congress to operate. 

H.R. 2221, the Government Shutdown Prevention Act would provide for an automatic CR for any appropriations bill not completed before the end of the fiscal year. If a budget is still not completed within 120 days after the CR, funding levels would be reduced
by one percent, and again after each subsequent 90-day period. Essentially, my bill ensures stability by protecting the federal services the American people depend on and preventing the fiscal chaos associated with government shutdowns.

A government shutdown costs American taxpayers an estimated $6.5 billion a week.  Even the mere threat of a government shutdown hurts the U.S. economy. Moreover, federal agencies during a government shutdown are given no other choice but to suspend government
services that millions of Americans rely on each day.

Please join me in preventing yet another government shutdown by cosponsoring my legislation that ensures our federal government remains open for the American people. To sign on as a cosponsor, or if you have any questions, please contact Darcy McLaughlin
in my office at or at 5-2411. 



Lloyd Smucker 

Member of Congress

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