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Dear Colleague,

We are writing to urge your opposition to the USA RIGHTS Act Amendment to S. 139. 

The USA RIGHTS Act Amendment is an attempt to kill Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a vital counterterrorism tool that targets foreigners overseas.  This Act represents a dangerous shift in U.S. policy that would dismantle our nation’s
most important counterterrorism law.  This is why NONE of the House committees of jurisdiction support the bill, and the Administration strongly opposes it.   

Several Members claim that S. 139 does not adequately address privacy concerns.  To the contrary, S. 139 institutes robust new privacy protections. In fact, it does exactly what several members of the House Judiciary Committee described their own bill as
accomplishing, providing an order requirement for the FBI to view Section 702 content during criminal investigations unrelated to national security.  

The 9/11 Commission Report found that restrictions on information sharing between national security and law enforcement were a major factor in the failure to detect and thwart the 9/11 plot.  Unlike S. 139, which makes reasonable reforms to Section 702 to
further protect U.S. person privacy, the USA RIGHTS Act Amendment will cripple the Intelligence Community’s ability to conduct Section 702 collection and would result in the United States reverting back to a pre-9/11 security posture. 

As Members of Congress, we are held accountable by our constituents to protect their civil liberties and also to ensure our country has the tools it needs to protect Americans at home and abroad.  In an age of ever-increasing threats across the globe, we
must ensure that U.S. troops have the intelligence they need to do their jobs effectively and stay out of harm’s way.  As such, we strongly oppose the USA RIGHTS Act and urge you to do the same. 


Devin Nunes, Chairman

House Intelligence Committee

Doug Collins

Member of Congress

Tom Rooney, Chairman

NSA and Cyber Subcommittee, HPSCI

Trey Gowdy, Chairman

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

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