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Dear Colleague:

We are writing to urge your support of the USA RIGHTS amendment to S. 139 and urge your opposition to the underlying bill.

S. 139, FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017, allows the government to engage in surveillance practices that sweep up a staggering volume of Americans’ communications. It codifies broader collections than the law currently allows and codifies the
use of that data in prosecuting domestic crimes. It was written by the intelligence community with the House Intelligence Committee to avoid engaging with the House Judiciary Committee, and it is strongly opposed by dozens of civil society groups because its
provisions include no material reforms.

We urge you to oppose S. 139, and instead support the USA RIGHTS amendment. USA RIGHTS would reauthorize Section 702 and institute vital reforms to protect Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights, and it is supported by dozens of civil society groups from across
the political spectrum.

We are united in support of the USA RIGHTS amendment, and we will oppose S. 139 unless the USA RIGHTS amendment passes.


Rep. Justin Amash              Rep. Zoe Lofgren                Rep. Jerrold Nadler            Rep. Ted Poe

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