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Dear Colleague:

I invite you to join me as an original cosponsor of the “No Fly For Foreign Fighters Act,”
legislation that will help keep foreign fighters and terrorists from entering our country through an American airport.

Specifically, the No Fly for Foreign Fighters Act requires the Director of the Terrorist Screening Center to review the completeness of the Terrorist Screening Database and the terrorist watch list utilized by the Transportation Security Administration
to determine if an individual who may seek to board a U.S.-bound or domestic flight, and who poses a threat to aviation or national security or a threat of terrorism and is known or suspected of being a member of a foreign terrorist organization, is included
in the Database and on such watch list.

The legislation also requires the Director of the Terrorist Screening Center to report findings to the House Committee on Homeland Security and the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Hearings held in the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees have revealed that about 150 United States persons have traveled to Syria or Iraq to fight alongside ISIL, the Nusra Front, and other terrorist organizations, and that there may be numerous
individuals from our allied nations in Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East who have traveled to Syria undetected, gained terrorist training or military experience, and may now seek to travel to the United States from countries that are participants
in our Visa Waiver Program, making it easier for them to board a plane to the United States.

The No Fly for Foreign Fighters Act provides another tool in the arsenal of those responsible for keeping our homeland secure and our people safe.

I invite you to co-sponsor this important legislation. To become a co-sponsor, please contact Isabela Belchior at and -53816.

Very truly yours,

Sheila Jackson Lee


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