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Dear Colleague:

America’s Catholic schools educate nearly 2 million students a year.  Along with the academic excellence these institutions offer, students also receive a broad education emphasizing the lifelong development of moral, intellectual, physical, and social values.

Catholic schools educate a diverse group of students.  41.4 percent of the students are from minority groups and 19 percent are non-Catholics.  These schools also offer students individual attention in the classroom not often available in other schools,
especially in the less-affluent urban areas that many Catholic schools serve.  The average student to teacher ratio in Catholic schools is 12 to 1.

That is why we will be introducing a resolution supporting the goals of Catholic Schools Week and highlighting the contributions that Catholic schools make in communities throughout our country. The National Catholic Education Association and the United
States Conference of Catholic Bishops designated the week of January 28, 2018, to February 3, 2018, as the 2018 National Catholic Schools Week, and this resolution is intended to show Congressional support for their efforts.

Please join us in supporting the continued dedication of Catholic schools, students, parents, and teachers across the United States. To become an original cosponsor of this resolution, please contact Carl Roberts with Rep. Daniel Lipinski’s office at 5-5701




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