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Dear Colleague,

Today, the
Washington Post Editorial Board
endorsed strengthening the federal partnership on infrastructure by raising the federal gas tax. The endorsement comes one day after the U.S. Chamber of Commerce forcefully articulated their plan to raise the gas tax by 25
cents a gallon, phased in over five years.

There is no issue on Capitol Hill with a broader, more diverse coalition of support–businesses, labor unions, truckers, insurers, engineers, contractors, bicyclists, and more. I have legislation, H.R. 1458, that would raise the federal gas tax by 15 cents
a gallon, phased in over three years, index the tax to inflation, and express Congress’ intent to replace the gas tax with a more sustainable user-based alternative. If you have any questions about my legislation or would like more information, please contact
Jon Bosworth ( in my office.



Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress