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Help Reduce Demand for Human Trafficking

Cosponsor H.R. 3488, Reducing the Demand for Human Trafficking Act of 2017

Cosponsors: Kelly (IL), Meehan, Hartzler, Smith (NJ), Wagner, McCaul, Rosen, Frelinghuysen

Dear Colleague,

In honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Day, I published a
blog post
for the Salvation Army about the importance of fighting human trafficking in our communities.  When someone says “human trafficking,” often times we view it as a problem far away from our shores that affects other people. But the reality is human
trafficking is happening right here, right now. In Illinois, we have the 5th highest number of trafficking cases in the country, and Rockford in my district is ranked second behind Chicago in human trafficking cases. This heinous crime affects all of us and
we must work together to stop it.

For those reasons, I invite you to cosponsor H.R. 3488, the Reducing Demand for Human Trafficking Act of 2017, bipartisan legislation that would empower and incentivize state and local law enforcement officials to reduce the demand for human trafficking
by seeking out those who solicit or employ these trafficking services and holding them accountable for their crimes.

As with other illicit markets, the human trafficking industry is driven by both supply and demand. However, according to Rights4Girls, during Operation Cross Country—a nationwide FBI sting operation that encompassed over 100 cities—the FBI reported the rescue
of 168 child sex trafficking victims and the arrest of 281 pimps, but not one child sex buyer was reported arrested or detained as part of the investigation. In fact, not a single child sex buyer was reported during any of the previous years’ operations. It
is therefore vital that we work collaboratively to empower and encourage law enforcement to disrupt not only the supply, but the growing demand for these services.

H.R. 3488 would authorize the Attorney General to make grants to state and local law enforcement that are prioritizing their own efforts to reduce demand for human trafficking by investigating and prosecuting persons who solicit or patronize victims of trafficking.

Please join me in this effort to provide our law enforcement officials with the tools they need to investigate and arrest those individuals who solicit and purchase trafficking services, and hold them accountable for their heinous crimes. For more information,
or to become a cosponsor of this bill, please contact Zach Silberman ( in my office at 5-3635.



Adam Kinzinger

Member of Congress

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