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Dear Colleague,

I write to invite you to cosponsor
H.R. 3252
, the Second Chance for Students Act, because one mistake shouldn’t mean the end of a student’s education.

Under current law, a student convicted of possession of even a minor amount of marijuana could lose their federal student aid for anywhere from one year to indefinitely. Students with such convictions can shorten this ineligibility period after successfully
completing an approved drug rehabilitation program and/or passing two unannounced drug tests administered by an approved program. These programs often take up to 6 months and are provided through mostly out-patient services. Once a student leaves school, however,
they have a significantly lower chance of completing a degree. For many students this financial aid is the difference between staying in school and dropping out.

This policy substantially restricts those with minor criminal convictions from pursuing higher education. The Second Chance for Students Act would allow students convicted of marijuana possession to retain financial aid eligibility for 6 months on the condition
that they complete an approved drug rehabilitation program and/or two unannounced drug tests. No student should have their future determined by one bad choice. For questions or to be added as a cosponsor of H.R. 3252, please email


Bill Foster
Member of Congress


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