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Help Create Jobs Throughout the Country

Cosponsor the Federal Government Decentralization Commission Act

Dear Colleague:

A common thread that unites all of us in Congress is the desire to bring job growth and development to our districts. In the fight
to uplift our communities, I believe we should be exploring all avenues of potential growth.  Our country should be proud of our capital city, and the role it plays in running the federal government. However, the Founding Fathers could not have envisioned
the size of our current federal government system, where more than 300,000 federal employees work in the Washington DC metropolitan area in 190 federally-owned buildings and 500 leased buildings.  The days in which federal agencies needed to be centrally located
are long gone.  Modern technology allows agencies to carry out their missions remotely just as effectively as they do from Washington D.C.

That is why I have introduced the Federal Government Decentralization Commission Act, which would establish a commission at the GSA that
would study the relocation of select executive agencies or divisions of agencies outside the Washington metropolitan area. The Commission would identify new locations for the select federal agencies or divisions of agencies to economically distressed areas
and to areas with expertise in the mission and goal of the agency. It will take into account the national security implications and produce an economic and workforce development study on how the relocation will impact the new location.


By removing federal agencies from the hustle and bustle of D.C., and into the communities they serve, we could provide real economic
growth to these cities, while providing federal workers with cheaper housing, cost of living and shorter commutes, and begin to meaningfully connect people with the Federal Government. Imagine how impactful a division of the Department of Commerce focusing
on manufacturing policy would be in Youngstown, Ohio with a history rich of manufacturing and industry. Picture a division of the Department of Agriculture in Iowa surrounded by communities that would benefit directly by their policy and action. 

As we push for innovation in the private sector, we should hold up our end in the Federal Government.  It is time to explore the
future of government, and I believe that this legislation is a meaningful step in that direction.  To cosponsor, please contact Anne Sokolov in my office at



Tim Ryan

Member of Congress


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