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As you’re probably aware, H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act contains a provision that would make graduate students’ tuition waivers taxable income (Sec. 1204). These tuition waivers are money the students never see, they represent tuition forgiveness the
students receive in exchange for working as teaching or research assistants. The actual monetary stipends these students receive are very low (55% of graduate students nationwide have an adjusted gross income of $20,000 or less), and most cannot afford a big
increase in their tax bill.

The effect of making tuition waivers taxable would be to make graduate school unaffordable for many students, which will drive down attendance, harm our scientific, engineering, and research establishment, and cause us to lose ground to foreign competitors.
Setbacks to our research establishment will in turn harm the economy, which relies on knowledge generated in our research universities turning into products, services, and job-creating companies.

Please support research, education, and the innovation economy by signing onto this letter today. This letter is open to members of both parties and will close at noon tomorrow, Friday, December 8. To sign on, please contact Joel Creswell in my office (


Congressman Daniel W. Lipinski

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