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Dear Colleagues,

On November 26th, Honduras held its national elections and on Sunday, Honduras’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) announced the results – Juan Orlando Hernandez, the sitting President, was declared the winner. This result was announced following severe irregularities
and inconsistencies, along with widespread allegations of fraud. These irregularities and inconsistencies were so prevelant that the Organization of American States has called for a new election, stating that a new election is the only way route to hearing
the will of the Honduran people.

In addition, at least 23 protestors and bystanders have been killed since the protests began on November 28th, with Honduran security forces firing live ammunition into crowds of protestors.

I urge you to join me in echoing the OAS’s call for new elections, demanding that the violence against protestors cease immediately. And urging that US security aid to Honduras be suspended while such flagrant abuses of human rights persist.

To sign on to this letter, please contact Zach Freed in my office at before Close of Business today, December 20.


Congressman Keith Ellison



Dear President Trump,

Honduras is in the midst of an electoral crisis, which has become a political crisis. Hondurans went to the polls on November 26th, and the government’s handling of electoral materials since has been marked with severe irregularities and deficiencies,
as well as widespread allegations of fraud. These inconsistencies have already led the Secretary General of the Organization of American States to call for new elections, stating that the electoral process lacked integrity and that the only route to hearing
the will of the Honduran people is new elections. We are alarmed over reports of repression of basic media freedoms, as well, and urge you to call on the Honduran government to cease harassment of journalists, opposition media, and international reporters,
and to guarantee and protect freedom of speech in all forms.

We urge your Administration to join the Organization of American States in calling for new elections, and to stand behind the right of the Honduran people to free and fair elections, in accordance with Honduran law. We strongly believe independent international
observers should oversee these new elections in order to ensure the integrity of the vote.

In addition, we continue to have concerns over the candidacy of Juan Orlando Hernandez, as the current president’s campaign for reelection violates the onduran constitution’s explicit ban on re-election. This blatant violation of Honduran law continues to
be an issue of concern, in addition to the lack of integrity in the elections.

We believe that the Honduran people have a right to peaceful protest, and are alarmed at the actions of Honduran security forces. Since November 28th, when the vote count took a dramatic and improbable turn in favor of President Hernandez, Honduran
security forces have continued to fire live ammunition at civilians protesting electoral fraud. Honduran human rights groups have documented at least 23 protesters and bystanders killed to date, with at least 12 deaths at the hands of state security forces.
In addition, reports indicate that over 1,500 people have been illegally detained. Reports of beatings, torture, and arbitrary detentions are widespread.  We urge you to make clear to the Honduran government that these abuses must cease immediately. We also
call on you to suspend all security assistance to Honduras as long as such abuses by Honduran state security forces persist and those responsible are not held accountable.

We look forward to working with you to promote peace and democracy in Honduras.


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