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Sign a Letter to Sec. Tillerson on the Use of Spyware in Mexico Against Human Rights Advocates, Journalists, and Anti-Corruption Activists.

The deadline to sign is COB Today, Tuesday, December 5th

Current Signers: Alan Lowenthal, James P. McGovern, Sheila Jackson Lee, David N. Cicilline, and Michael E. Capuano

In June, the New York Times broke a story about the use of sophisticated spyware technology targeting human rights defenders, journalists, and anti-corruption activists in Mexico. This spyware, known as Pegasus, was developed by the Israeli cyber warfare
company NSO Group, who claim that it is sold exclusively to government entities under the condition that it only be used against suspected terrorists and criminal organizations. However, an investigation by Citizen Lab and R3D found that this technology was
used against, among others: human rights attorneys at Centro Prodh, who represent the families of the missing 43 students from Ayotzinapa, women of Atenco who were arrested and brutally sexually assaulted by police, as well as many other human rights cases;
anti-corruption journalist Carmen Aristegui and her teenage son; and an independent panel of experts appointed by an international commission to investigate the Ayotzinapa missing student case.

There are several concerning and potential unlawful elements of the case, including: spying on a US citizen and human rights attorney in Mexico; spying on a foreign citizen while they were residing in the US; spying on foreign investigators granted diplomatic
immunity; as well as the impersonation of a United States Embassy by a foreign entity.

While the Mexican government has stated that they have opened investigations into this case, over five months later it has yet to provide any additional information regarding progress or results of its inquiry.

Please join me in sending a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, urging him to ensure that the Mexican government move forward in an investigation regarding the use of spyware technology against human rights defenders, journalists, and anti-corruption
activists in Mexico. As well as urging the Department of State to open its own examination regarding the concerning and potential unlawful aspects of the case.

If you are interested in signing on, please contact Shane Trimmer at


Rep. Alan Lowenthal


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