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Cosponsor H.R. 632: the “Mark Takai Atomic Veterans Healthcare Parity Act”

Supported by: American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, National Association of Atomic Veterans

Co-sponsors (157): Aguilar; Beatty; Bera; Bergman; Beyer;
R. Bishop; Blunt Rochester; Bonamici; Bordallo; R. Brady; Brownley; Bustos;
Byrne; Carbajal; Cardenas; B. Carter; Cartwright; Chu; K. Clark; Y. Clarke; Clay;
Coffman; Cohen; Conyers; Curtis; Costello; Courtney; Cramer; Crist; Crowley; Cummings;
Curbelo; D. Davis; R. Davis; De Fazio; DeLauro; DeSaulnier; Deutch; Dingell;
Donovan; Ellison; Engel; Eshoo; Espaillat; Esty; Evans; Faso; Foster; Frankel; Gabbard;
Gallagher; Gallego; Garamendi; Gomez; Grijalva; A. Green; Gutierrez; Hanabusa; Hastings; B. Higgins; D. Heck; Jackson Lee; Jayapal; Jeffries;
Jones; Joyce; Kaptur; R. Kelly; Khanna; Kihuen; Kildee; Kilmer;
P. King; Knight; Kuster; Langevin; Larsen; Lawrence; Lee; Levin; Lieu;
LoBiondo; Loebsack; Love; Lowenthal; Lujan Grisham; MacArthur; C. Maloney;
Marchant; Massie; Matsui; Mast; McCollum; McEachin; McGovern; Meeks; Moulton; Murphy; Nadler; Napolitano; Nolan; O’Rourke; Panetta; Payne, Jr.; Perlmutter;
Pearce; Peters; Peterson; Pingree; Pocan; Poliquin; Polis; Quigley;
Radewagen; Raskin; K. Rice; Rosen; Roby; T. Rooney;
; Ros-Lehtinen; Royce; Rutherford; T. Ryan; Sablan; Sanchez; Schrader; Serrano; Sewell; Shea-Porter; Sires; Slaughter; Ada. Smith; Soto; Speier;
Stefanik; Stewart; Suozzi; Swalwell; Takano; M. Thompson; Titus; Tonko; Torres;
Trott; Valadao; Vargas; Veasey; Velazquez; Walz; Wasserman Schultz; Watson Coleman; F. Wilson; Welch;
J. Wilson; Yarmuth; Do. Young


Dear Colleague,

I invite you to co-sponsor the bipartisan “Mark Takai Atomic Veterans Healthcare Parity Act”.  This legislation was originally introduced by our late friend, Rep. Mark Takai, and reintroduced in his honor after his passing.  The “Mark Takai Atomic Veterans
Healthcare Parity Act” would permit veterans who participated in the nuclear cleanup of Enewetak Atoll, the site of 43 nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands, to be treated as “radiation-exposed veterans”.  This change in law will allow servicemembers who performed
the largest nuclear cleanup ever undertaken to receive the medical care they now need for service-connected cancers and diseases.  Current law only covers servicemembers who participated in active nuclear tests, not those who participated in the clean-up.

According to the New York Times article
“Troops Who Cleaned Up Radioactive Islands Can’t Get Medical Care”
, “Roughly 4,000 troops helped clean up the atoll between 1977 and 1980…most did not even wear shirts, let alone respirators.  Hundreds say they are now plagued by health problems, including
brittle bones, cancer and birth defects in their children.  Many are already dead.  Others are too sick to work.”  My hope is that Congress will finally right this wrong, and help the men and women who sacrificed their youth and health in service of this great

If you have questions or would like to join this legislation, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Your staff may contact David Bagby of my staff at or (202) 225-2601.



Grace Meng

Member of Congress

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