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Help Eliminate the Wage Gap by Cosponsoring the Pay Equity for All Act

Wages Should be Based on Merit, Not Salary History

Current cosponsors (24): Blumenauer, R. Brady, Cicilline, Clark, DeLauro*, Gutierrez, Hastings, Jackson Lee, Khanna, Krishnamoorthi, B. Lee, Lofgren, C. Maloney, McNerney, Moulton, Nadler*, Napolitano, Pingree, Pocan, Roybal-Allard,
T. Ryan, Adam Smith, Speier*, Wasserman Schultz

Dear Colleague:

Please join us in cosponsoring H.R. 2418, the Pay Equity for All Act, which aims to help reduce the gender and racial wage gap by prohibiting employers from seeking the salary history of job applicants as a condition of employment or continued employment. 
Massachusetts recently became the first state to ban salary history questions, and other states such as California and Colorado are considering similar legislation—and in May 2017, New York City banned employers from asking salary history questions during
the application process. 

Even though many employers may not intentionally discriminate against applicants or employees based on gender, race or ethnicity, setting wages based on salary history often reinforces the stubborn wage gap.  Members of historically disadvantaged groups
often start out their careers with unfair and artificially low wages compared to their white male counterparts, allowing any disparities to be compounded from job to job. 

Our bill will ensure that applicants’ salaries are based on their skills and merit, not arbitrarily on salary history, by assessing penalties up to $10,000 against employers who ask applicants for their salary history during the interview process or as a
condition of employment or continued employment.  It will also provide job applicants and employees with a private right of action against employers who violate these provisions, allowing them to collect up to $10,000 in damages and attorney’s fees. 

If you would like to become a cosponsor or have any questions, please contact Trent Holbrook (Norton) at x5-8050 or, Lisette Morton (Nadler) at x5-5635 or, Liz Albertine (DeLauro) at x5-3661 or, or Molly Fishman (Speier) at x5-3531 or


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