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November is National Adoption Month

Support the Bipartisan National Adoption and Foster Care Home Study Act

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Dear Colleague,

Across the United States, home studies are mandated for every family who is adopting a child domestically from a private agency or public child welfare agency. Home studies are important because they provide child welfare agencies and the courts with the
necessary comprehensive information for determining the most appropriate home for a child. Unfortunately, current home study requirements vary vastly from state to state and there is little consistency across the country.

This lack of uniformity has resulted in a number of issues related to the home study process including: inability to collect accurate information on adoptive or foster families, bias in decisions of suitability due to family self-reporting of information,
lengthy and costly home-study processes, and delays in interstate adoption and fostering.

We must do more to find every child a loving family. In California alone, there were 6,079 adoptions in fiscal year 2015, however there remained 14,180 children waiting to be adopted. That same year, 111,820 children waited to be adopted nationally. In order
to combat “rehoming” (the relinquishment of adopted children or children in foster care by their adoptive parents or foster family), we have introduced H.R. 1650, the bipartisan, bicameral National Adoption and Foster Care Home Study Act. This bill would create
a national standard and database to achieve greater uniformity and transparency to ensure that the needs of children are put first no matter where they live.

The National Adoption and Foster Care Home Study Act amends the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) by creating a new program under the Adoption Opportunities Program and includes three main components:

  1. Development of a research-based National Adoption and Foster Care Home Study assessment process and demonstration program,
  2. Development and deployment of a National Home Study Database, and
  3. Evaluation of National Adoption and Foster Care Home Study methodology and National Home Study Database deployment.

If you would like to cosponsor the legislation or have questions, please contact Courtney Callejas with Rep. Huffman at 202-225-5161,, or Harvey Sparks with Rep. Russell at 202-225-2132,



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