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Dear Colleague,
I invite you to join me as an original cosponsor of the SAFE for America Act in the 115th Congress. This legislation would eliminate the flawed Diversity Visa Lottery Program.
The Diversity Visa Lottery Program (DV lottery) allows citizens of countries whose immigrant admissions were lower than 50,000 over the past five years to apply for a permanent resident visa. Anyone from a qualifying nation may apply and the winners –
who receive green cards – are randomly selected. Millions of applications are received and processed by the State Department each year.
The DV lottery system, as a result of its randomness and the high demand for visas, is a magnet for both fraud and abuse and poses a serious security issue. The program accepts applications from any country under the arbitrary 50,000 migrant threshold,
including countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism and countries that are hotbeds of radical Islamic extremism. A 2007 GAO report also found the program suffers from “pervasive fraud.” The report highlighted concerns with fraudulent documents and
deceptive “visa agents” who charge massive fees to applicants only to keep the green cards, or force applicants into sham marriages to get access to the United States. Further inquiries into the program have revealed that the State Department has not fully
addressed many of the issues identified in the GAO study, and continues to lack a method for compiling and evaluating information regarding lottery-winners now living in the U.S.
Aside from security and fraud risks, the DV lottery system is fundamentally unfair. The uniform immigrant threshold prevents citizens of large nations from participating in the program, regardless of the needs of these applicants or how they may benefit
the United States. By its very nature, the DV lottery discriminates against a large and diverse pool of potential immigrants, simply because of where they were born.
For these reasons, I reintroduce the Security and Fairness Enhancement (SAFE) for America Act in the 115th Congress. This legislation would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the diversity visa program, allowing Congress to take an
immediate step towards improving our immigration system.  
Please join me in putting a stop to this misguided program by cosponsoring the SAFE for America Act. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rachel Alden ( on my staff. 
Bill Posey
Member of Congress
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