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Dear Colleague,
One thing is clear from the recent election: Americans are fed up with business as usual in Washington. Last year, we watched as President Trump animated his supporters and won the Presidency in part with his promise to “drain the swamp.” In that spirit,
I introduced legislation earlier this Congress that would take an important step toward fulfilling this promise.
H.R. 383, the Stop the Revolving Door in Washington Act, would extend the lobbying ban placed on former Members of Congress and senior staff to five and two years respectively. Currently, former Members of the House of Representatives and senior staffers
face a one year ban on lobbying, while Senators face a two year ban.
While the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007, which established these bans, intended to prevent former Members and top-level staff from exploiting their connections to influence government policy, it is now clear this effort has been almost
entirely ineffective.
In order to achieve the original intent of the 2007 bill it is necessary to extend the cooling-off period. This common-sense step will discourage individuals from attempting to use their previous government service as a mantle for personal gain, sometimes
at the expense of the American people. For those individuals intent on joining the influence industry, this legislation would limit their ability to use insider connections to influence government operations.
Please join me in strengthening this good government policy that keeps Congress focused on serving constituents and limits the influence of insiders in Washington.
To join as a co-sponsor of H.R. 383, please contact Johnathan Sargent in my office at  
Bill Posey
Member of Congress
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