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October 4, 2017

Dear Colleague:

A nation’s budget reflects its priorities but the budget offered by the Republican Majority for consideration this week continues to highlight the wrong priorities.  This year’s Republican budget isn’t much different than what the majority has offered in
the past.  Again, their budget leaves hardworking American families out in the cold.  It cuts taxes for the wealthiest Americans while claiming that unrealistic economic growth will pay for these massive tax cuts when in reality it will be paid for by gutting
the social safety net.  It cuts $1.5 trillion from Medicaid and Medicare, fast tracks cuts to programs that support basic living standards (including nutrition assistance), and undermines national security by cutting diplomatic programs and foreign aid.  It
severely harms programs that keep America competitive around the world in areas such as education, job training, domestic manufacturing, advanced research and development, and infrastructure.  The Republican budget would devastate our economic recovery after
years of consistent job growth.

The Congressional Black Caucus is again offering an alternative to the Republican budget that better reflects the priorities of our nation.  Our budget reduces the deficit but not on the backs of our most vulnerable communities.  Our budget calls for a comprehensive
jobs program that will grow the economy and create millions of new jobs.  Most importantly, our budget protects and strengthens the social safety net and recommits the Federal Government to eradicating poverty in America by increasing economic opportunities
through robust, targeted investments in education, infrastructure, affordable housing, domestic manufacturing, small businesses, advanced research and development, and job training. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that the CBC budget would create 2
million more jobs over the current baseline.

The CBC budget is able to achieve this because our budget is honest and straightforward on how we intend to pay for these goals.  Our budget calls for
$3.9 trillion in revenue enhancements over the next decade and shows exactly how this revenue target can be achieved by outlining $10.9 trillion in revenue
options that could be adopted.  This is in stark contrast to the Republican budget which includes trillions in largely unspecified tax cuts that claim to pay for themselves.

With this additional revenue, the CBC budget proposes a comprehensive jobs and infrastructure program totaling
$1 trillion over five years that will accelerate our economic recovery and ensure that it reaches every community in America, while also investing in what we know will guarantee America’s long-term economic competitiveness.  Our jobs and infrastructure
program would include:

  • Infrastructure Modernization Program ($665 billion)
  • Full Employment Trust Fund/Direct Job Creation Program ($120 billion)
  • School Modernization ($80 billion)
  • Energy Infrastructure Modernization ($45 billion)
  • Expand Access to Broadband ($20 billion)
  • Public Housing Recapitalization ($25 billion)
  • Improving and Rebuilding V.A. Hospitals and Extended Care Facilities ($15 billion)
  • Choice Neighborhoods/Neighborhood Revitalization ($25 billion)
  • Summer and Year Round Jobs for Opportunity Youth ($5 billion)

Additionally, the CBC budget includes approximately $300 billion for significant and sustained investments in programs that have been instrumental in lifting millions of Americans out of poverty.  Some of these proposals include restoring cuts to
the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, extending emergency unemployment insurance, expanding access to affordable housing, increasing access to quality and affordable education, and increasing funding for job training and trade adjustment assistance
programs.  Furthermore, to ensure that federal resources are targeted most efficiently towards eradicating poverty, the CBC budget will propose the codification of the 10-20-30 policy for federal spending. This policy requires that at least 10 percent of the
federal funds in certain accounts be directed to areas that have had a poverty rate of 20 percent for the last 30 years.

The CBC budget eliminates any further threat of sequestration, which haphazardly cut critical investments across-the-board in FY 2013 and is set to return January 2018 unless Congress acts.

Finally, the CBC budget is estimated to reduce the deficit, when compared to CBO’s baseline, by approximately $2.5 trillion over the next 10 years.

We hope that you will consider supporting the CBC Budget Alternative Budget for FY 2018.  For a detailed summary of our budget, please visit:  If you have any questions, please contact Paige
Schwartz in Congressman Bobby Scott’s office at extension 5-8351 or at



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