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Dear Colleague,

Our government’s current sugar program is a job-killer.  It ensures profits for the connected few at the expense of the many.  It operates at a substantial cost to taxpayers, consumers and businesses.  It’s rooted in supply-management economics that were
drafted nearly 90 years ago.  Every other commodity program was subjected to reforms during the last Farm Bill – except the sugar program. 

It’s time to end Congress’s codification of a special-interest giveaway.  It’s time to modernize the sugar program.  We ask that you join us in cosponsoring the Sugar Program Modernization Act. 

Economists, consumer groups, environmentalists, manufacturers, editorial boards and groups on both the left and right of the ideological spectrum have all endorsed the idea of substantially reforming this program.  Members of Congress need not go any further
than the Congressional Research Service to understand our current policy’s problems.  In CRS’s own words (emphasis ours):

  • The U.S. sugar program also stands out compared with other farm bill commodity programs in that it
    combines a price support feature with a supply management structure that limits both sugar production for domestic human use and imports.

With respect to the program’s impact on jobs, Members of Congress need not go any further than our own government’s Department of Commerce, which noted when it last studied the topic:

  • For each one sugar growing and harvesting job saved through high U.S. sugar prices, nearly three confectionery manufacturing jobs are lost.

With respect to the program’s liability to taxpayers, Members of Congress need not go any further than the Congressional Budget Office when it observed that the current program
will cost taxpayers $107 million in its latest budget outlook.  And this despite the fact that taxpayers bailed out the program to the tune of $259 million in the months following the latest Farm Bill debate.  These direct costs to taxpayers
come in addition to the estimated $3 billion in excess costs passed on to consumers and manufacturers.

Join us in modernizing this program to ensure that job losses, taxpayer funded bailouts, harm to our environment and government-sponsored cronyism ends.  The Sugar Program Modernization Act will improve America’s international competitiveness, improve job-creation
and bring greater dynamism to our nation’s economy.

This bipartisan, bicameral sugar reform legislation:

  • assures a balanced price support program that operates at no net cost to taxpayers;
  • repeals government micromanagement of private industry and a special-interest influence on the market; and
  • makes sugar policy work for all Americans, not just large sugar processors.

To learn more about this legislation or to be added as a cosponsor, please contact in Rep. Foxx’s office or in Rep. Danny Davis’ office.



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