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Dear Colleague,

We write to invite you to join the Congressional Moldova Caucus. 

Moldova is a small former Soviet state of around 3.6 million people on the edge of the European Union and at the fringes of Russia’s perceived sphere of influence.  Moldova’s critical geopolitical location has led to debate within the country between those
seeking increased integration and cooperation with Europe and the West and others who favor increased ties with President Vladimir Putin’s Russia.  As Moldova works to strengthen its young democracy and chart its own path forward, we have re-established the
bipartisan Congressional Moldova Caucus.

The Caucus will serve as an educational tool to introduce Members and staff to Moldova’s government, history, vibrant culture, and strategic importance.  The Caucus will also seek to improve dialogue between our two countries and underscore the importance
of free speech and association, strong economic growth, and continued engagement with the United States and European partners.

We have already heard from Moldovan leadership about their efforts to become a 21st century democracy and economy.  Strengthening the United States-Moldova relationship can only aid in those efforts.

For more information or to join the Caucus, please contact Samantha Schifrin with Rep. David Price (D-NC) at or Richard England with Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) at



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