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Endorsed by: American Jewish Committee (AJC)

Consistent with recommendations from leading nonproliferation organizations:

Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control “Create a congressional-executive commission to support implementation.” 

Federation of American Scientists – “Creation of a Joint Congressional Commission with appropriate bipartisan representation and sufficient
expert staff cleared to an appropriate level.”

Dear Colleague:

Supporters and opponents of the Iran nuclear deal support bipartisan legislation to establish a Congressional-Executive commission that would hold Iran accountable to its obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Congress should act
immediately to advance one of the rare proposals on Capitol Hill that has garnered support from both sides of the heated JCPOA debate.

The Commission to Verify Iranian Nuclear Compliance Act (H.R. 3810) would establish a Congressional-Executive commission with bipartisan-appointed staff to oversee implementation of the nuclear agreement. This legislation builds on a model Congress has previously
relied upon to monitor and investigate issues of national importance. We believe that preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon constitutes a national security priority and that the JCPOA warrants the establishment of a dedicated oversight body.

The creation of the Commission would communicate to Iran and our allies that the United States is committed to ensuring Iran’s strict implementation of the nuclear deal and that Congress will be vigilant in its oversight of Iranian compliance.

We request that you join our effort to take meaningful, bipartisan action that firmly establishes the enduring role of Congress in the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal. For more information or to be a cosponsor, please contact Molly Cole in Rep. Connolly’s
office ( or Corey Schrodt in Rep. Rooney’s office (


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Gerald E. Connolly                                                                                   Francis Rooney

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