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Save Lives – Oppose Sensenbrenner #208 Amendment

(Keep Common-Sense CPSC Generator Carbon Monoxide Rule)

Dear Colleague,

Recent tragedies have brought to mind the importance of electricity generators in disaster situations.  Technology has now advanced, through the same electronic fuel injection concepts used in your car, to virtually eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide
poisoning from these generators.

This is a very real problem – every year, 70 Americans die from carbon monoxide poisoning from generators – often including innocent small children. But with the technology now hitting the market, we can prevent these deaths.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, working with manufacturers, has worked up a regulation mandating lower CO emissions easily available through the use of this off-the-shelf technology fix.  This isn’t supporting any one manufacturer
or patent – this is simply marketplace innovation to save lives that government is supporting through common-sense, life-saving regulation.

I am one that usually comes down on the side of not regulating the free market, especially when the CPSC gets involved.  But in this one instance, they got it right. Protecting the lives of our citizens is our highest calling, and is the best reason to regulate
what should otherwise remain a free market.

Unfortunately not all of the manufacturers agree – even though the lives of the innocent would be saved, they’re fighting to keep the rules as they are now, searching for a competitive advantage on the low end of the market.  They’ve offered up this amendment
to kill the CPSC rule, delaying life-saving technology  – and costing American lives in the process.

I believe that’s a mistake. Numerous American manufacturers are ready to bring these life-saving generators to the market right now. That’s a smart decision we should support. So I ask for your vote today to save lives and oppose
the ill-conceived Sensenbrenner amendment today.


Blessings in Liberty,


Jeff Duncan

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