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Protect Taxpayers and American Warfighters by Continuing the A-76 Moratorium

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Same Text Passed in July by vote of

Dear Colleague,

This bipartisan amendment to the Financial Services and General Government Division of the appropriations package prohibits the use of funds to initiate any action to implement the A-76 process.  This process uses faulty, antiquated methodology
to determine whether federal civilian jobs should be outsourced – a matter we simply cannot approach so haphazardly.

Both the GAO and the Inspector General of the Department of Defense concluded the process could not demonstrate reliable savings for the tax payer.  Using an arbitrary 12.5% overhead factor cost for federal employees versus contractors, the A-76 process
is simply not anchored in reality.  We must act sensibly with taxpayer dollars by basing our decisions on fact, not fiction.

A-76 has faced bipartisan opposition and been subject to a Congressional moratorium since 2010 – it should stay that way. While the Appropriations Act does not explicitly encourage the A-76 process, the White House has called for its immediate implementation
and there is no language continuing the moratorium in the Financial Services Appropriations Act as there has been in previous years.  This necessitates additional action to ensure the moratorium stays in place.  My amendment would do just that.

Text identical to this amendment was included in the National Security Appropriations Package from July and passed with bipartisan support.

If you are interested in supporting the amendment or you have any questions, please contact Stephen Coffey in my office at or at 202-225-5546.



Matt Cartwright

Member of Congress

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